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Aramark Education is proud to serve Lowell Public Schools. In conjunction with your district, we strive to help nurture students’ well-being, improve their overall dining experience, and adopt healthy lifestyles by providing nutritious menus, innovative dining environments, and wellness-based education and promotions.

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Harvest of the Month
Massachusetts Farm to School’s Harvest of the Month program is designed to promote different locally grown produce, highlighting a specific vegetable each month. The goal of the program is to increase the exposure of students’ to seasonal foods.

Monthly promotional materials have been provided to serve as an educational tool specific to each harvest of the month. Sampling of the monthly fruit or vegetable and taste testing with new recipes is now something we do district-wide.  Over the course of the year we will be sampling a new recipe each month with the highlighted crop!

New this year, we have been promoting these monthly specials at the Leadership Cohort meetings at the Curriculum Office!